This is the critical research journal that I will be keeping over the course of the next two years as I take on an MA in photography at Falmouth University.

I’ve been interested in photography from the day I inherited my grandfather’s Zenit E back in 1981. My life took a different course though, and I found myself in my 40s, teaching literature¬†in Dubai. This meant ample opportunity for travel, and an increasing desire to document it. As I ran out of obvious places to go in my many school holidays, I started looking beyond the obvious, and that is when I started looking to push my photography beyond holiday snaps. I have always been interested in documentary photography, and a visit to the ship-breaking yards of Bangladesh spelled my first chance to explore this genre myself. Since then, I have been looking to expand my photographic ability and create a more lasting and reflective¬†record of the many places I am lucky enough to visit, hence the reason I applied to do this course.