Test printing

Thanks to a very generous gift when I left my last job (thanks guys!) I had a coupon for creating a 50 page photo book, so I decided to use this to create a prototype for this project. One of the things I learned solidly on the course was that nothing beats a physical copy of your images when preparing a project, and this would be one stage further – a physical copy that also took into account page layout and sequencing.

I was very happy with the steps this has allowed me to take – it has clarified which shots do and don’t fit with the project (do I now need a third spin-off project in which to place the shot I love but that don’t fit in with this one?) and given me some ideas on final design.

I envision this, much like the last, being a small-run, self-published venture. There are still questions to answer – will I use text as well as image, or will I save that for the ongoing Off-Season project? Will I display this project on the Off-Season website or adapt that to be a general website of my photography? Luckily (or indeed, perhaps not) there is no deadline, so I can allow this to evolve naturally.IMG_9593IMG_9594IMG_9595IMG_9596IMG_9597